Stephen Slack

Stephen Slack is a skilled craftsman based in Leicester who works with native British woods. He skillfully uses many different techniques to craft beautiful tactile objects.

"I worked until a couple of years ago as an aircraft engineer and have always enjoyed working with wood as a hobby. Then I got chance to take early retirement and that gave me the opportunity to do what I have always enjoyed most. I try to make a real variety of wooden item using different skills such as turning, steam bending and carving.
I now make garden furniture, tables, stools and carved bowls etc
When i started this i realised that most people use foreign timbers and I can’t confirm how these timbers have been sourced, so i decided to use purely British woods, mainly from tree surgeons and other sustainable sources. I know where almost every tree was felled and why. Recently i have branched out into making rocking chairs which I think is a bit of a dying art, utilising steam bending and skills which are getting forgotten."

Here are a few examples of Stephens cleaverly engineered works. The bowl below is made from British Elm, it's rim steam bent and held together with copper roving nails.

Below: small & medium Acorn Jars in Black Locust wood
£80 and £100

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