Alys Power

There's so much to love about the work of Alys Power! So we're sharing the love... here's a little insight into her methods and means of making jewellery...

After studying Sustainable Design & Practice at Derby University receiving a First Class Honours degree, Alys has worked as jeweller, designer, maker and artist.

The magic behind Alys Power's jewellery takes place in her beautiful and well ordered workshop, at home in Nottingham...

Alys' dedication to sustainable design is evident in her work which reclaims and reuses beautiful found objects and semi-precious stones.

The Possibilities Are Endless necklace £88

We were super pleased to have Alys at our Harley Christmas Art and Craft Market last winter...

We Have All The Time In The World necklace £60

Alys has been working on a collection for the Lace.Here.Now season which recently showed in Nottingham. 
Using the impressive piece of kit shown below (a rolling mill for those in the know!) Alys imprints the lace pattern onto silver, which is first annealed (relaxed and softened) by heating it with a flame torch, leaving it to cool for 30 seconds and 'quenching' it with cold water.

"Humorous, quirky and full of personality, my work maintains the look of the handmade, hammer and file marks are often left to illustrate the process each piece has gone through in its creation. I use vintage and second hand tools, allowing them to leave an imprint of their texture and character on my work. The history of my materials is fundamental to my work and this extends to the tools I work with. The rust, dents and imperfections in the tools, gained throughout their work life is imprinted like their history into the jewellery."

Make A Wish necklace £48

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