Thursday, 23 May 2013

We're spreading our wings!

Our little blog will soon spread it's wings to a new site, with a bit more space for sharing! We'll let you know the new address shortly...

Dayle Green's Button Pots!

Dayle Green’s work is based around a personal narrative, derived from her love of old objects and involving childhood memories and family nostalgia. A collection of buttons that belonged to her Grandmother directly informs her creativity.
“I feel the old and found tells a story and the ‘button’ is a catalyst for memories that have personal meaning and sentiment. The making process involves handbuilding each piece individually and thoughtfully glazing each piece with a palette of  chosen colours. A collection of closed button pieces, vases and spoons  echo a subtle feeling of nostalgia. ”

Large Button Pot £51
Medium Button Pot £41
Small Button Pot £20.40
Tiny Button pot £14.30

Cath Ray Books

Cath Ray’s books are beautifully made with lovely details such as ribbon bookmarks and map inserts. We especially like her hand written tags which reveal exactly where the book materials originate, revealing  Cath’s resourceful imagination!

Each book is unique, designed to be used and kept for a lifetime and with this in mind, Cath uses simple and traditional methods of bookbinding, meaning the beauty and appeal of each book will increase with time.