Friday, 29 March 2013

Caren Hartley

 Caren Hartley's Small Change Collection is precious! The pieces are inspired by a group of out of circulation British coins from early to mid period of the 20th Century.
A mould is made of each coin and then a wax copy is taken from the mould. Caren then subtley manipulates the coin by hand, before casting in solid silver.

See Caren Hartley's dedicated page, listed to the right, for further information about her work...

Necklaces from left to right:
silver Half Penny £86
silver & oxidized silver Farthing £77
oxidized silver Farthing £77
22ct gold plated silver Sixpence £99
silver Farthing £77

Above, Small Change stud earrings, from front to back:
oxidised silver £77
22ct gold plate silver £99
silver £77

Farthing rings, silver and oxidised silver, £143 each

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Melody Rose

Melanie Roseveare is the Canadian-born designer of company Melody Rose. She lives and works in North West London, where inspired by a love of ceramics, art and eco-friendly design, she breathes new life into long forgotten china.

Melanie salvages vintage tableware and makes it brand new with quirky transfers and patterns of her own design.  These are small and affordable pieces of art, that are gorgeous displayed but also very practical. They can be used every day and some can even go in the dishwasher!

Upcycled Teapot £100
Plate £50
Cup & Saucer £32

Reused Refuse

Our current showcase 'Reused Refuse' employs heroes of the craft world, who rescue their raw materials and reuse them to conjure up unexpected works of art!

Pencil Tip necklace by Iris Tsante £818

 "My pieces provide connotations of optimism, lightness, simplicity, joy and innocence, revealing at the same time qualities such as fragility and vulnerability." Iris Tsante

Reused Refuse is showing until 2nd June 2013