Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year's eve!

We do hope you all had a very Merry Christmas? It's been and gone in a (very large) trifle!

It's now countdown to our January sale...
it starts in the new year so do come and see :)

Sunday, 30 December 2012


Natalie Thakur has made quite a name for herself since establishing Natthakur in 2005... her fun retro-inspired designs, which are handcrafted in fine quality leather, have been featured in The Independant, Instyle, Elle Decoration and The World of Interiors!

Sweet Wrapper purses £28
Coin purses £32

Natthakur shows real ethical forethought too, only using leather which is a bi-product of meat. What more could you ask for from your pennies!

There's lots of great information and images of Natalie's work on her website

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bag a bobby dazzler!

These hand-printed leather bags are made by the industrious duo known as Stabo. 
After starting out in 2001 Stabo, otherwise known as Ros & Ed, now occupy their 9th studio! They've previously spent a year exploring and trading in New Zealand and were, for a while, making from a studio in north Norfolk before returning to Cambridge where they're now based. Have a look at their website for an illustrated history of crafty adventures!

Leather Pouches (as seen printed with elephant, bike and moped) £26
Leather Shopper (as seen printed with glasses)£58

Twist Glass baubles...

It's a beautiful winters morning here... the sun is glittering on the white frost outside, everyone's in a merry mood; it's all about baubles and BublĂ© carols!

These rather special handmade baubles are by Twist Glass, priced £45 each.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Elizabeth Terzza

Elizabeth Terzza bought her exquisite jewellery to our Arts Market and it was a dazzling joy to see! Elizabeth graduated this year with a degree in Jewellery Design from Hereford College of Arts, and has since been awarded the Alloy Graduate Placement and Bursary.

Necklaces from left to right:

large silver pinecone £240
silver sycamore seed necklace £140
oxidised silver pinecone £160

Friday, 7 December 2012

Make a wish.

We can't get enough of Alys Power! 
Alys' work combines reclaimed and found objects, sterling silver, semi precious stones, sublime sayings and an eye for detail, to create truly original and beautifully nostalgic pieces. 


Necklaces from top to bottom...

Make A Wish £48
Sublime £60
We Have All the Time in the World £60

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Everybody look to the right...

...for more information about our wonderfully talented makers!

Everybody's talking about the Weather!

Lucy Ramsbottom is the talented jeweller behind Goldfinch Jewellery. Since graduating from Birmigham School of Jewellery in 2002 she's worked in Australia and New Zealand before establishing her own workshop back in the UK.
Her 'Weather' range pictured below draws influence from her upbringing in the beautiful Howgill Fells, situated between the Lake Distict and the Yorkshire Dales...

Left to right:

silver sun disc pendant, 18ct gold detail with 80cm chain
oxidized silver disc pendant, 18ct gold ball with 40-45cm chain
silver double cloud pendant with citrine drop, 18ct gold ball and 40-45cm chain
oxidized silver tiny cloud pendant, 18ct gold ball with 40cm chain

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Magie Hollingworth

These little bowls are made by Maggie Hollingworth here on the Welbeck estate! Using recycled paper waste, Maggie creates sculptural forms which emphasize surface, texture and form.

Their stone-like surface texture contrasts with their light weight, and each is individually finished with a touch of gold. At only £12 each, they look dramatic displayed in a group; we've sat them on a beautiful piece of driftwood!

Eco-Design by Sarah Thirwell

Sarah Thirwell cleaverly combines recycled and reclaimed materials with tradional woodturning methods to great effect, creating contemporary objects that are beautiful, usable and eco-friendly, jackpot!

These vessels are made from FSC graded Birch plywood and recycled yoghurt pots (white), vending machine cups (black) or reclaimed acrylic. This considered use of materials has won Sarah several awards and seen her work featured in 'Eco-Design Handbook' 3rd Edition by Thames & Hudson.

Each vessel measures appoximately 100mm wide and 76mm tall, price £40.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Thornback & Peel

Made to put a smile on your face, these exquisitely screen printed hankies are wonderfully quirky - a high five to british humour and tradition! 

Handmade by Thornback & Peel of London who use traditional screen printing methods and 100% cotton to create hankies of quality :)

Have a look at they're website (its quite stunning!) at

Box of three hankies (40 x 40cm) £13

The Harley Advent Calender starts here!

Everyday throughout December we'll have a special festive offer for you... ooooh jingle bells indeed!

Have a look below to see todays offer...


Monday: spend £50 and get coffee for two at The Lime House Cafe

Tuesday: spend £75 and get a FREE 'Welbeck Memories' Warli print

Wednesday: spend £50 on silver and get a free 'Dinner with a Duke' book

Thursday: spend £100 and get 10% off Wendy Ramshaw Jewellery

Friday: spend £120 and get a FREE £20 gift voucher

Saturday: buy anything with animals and get a FREE 'Pets' book by Sue Packer

Sunday: buy a pack of christmas cards and get a FREE pack of Julian Bray cards