Thursday, 25 October 2012

50's inspired ceramics

Daniel Wright has developed this funky 'Knife and Fork' range by incorporating contemporary screen-print and transfers, with traditional making techniques and earthenware clay... to great affect! 

There are mugs (pictured, £19.50) bowls, jugs, butter dishes and platters! 

Linda Bloomfield

This porcelain tableware is hand-thrown by Linda Bloomfield and  decorated using delicately coloured glazes, which subtley line the interior of each vessel. The white porcelain is finished with a satin matt glaze. Blooming marvelous! (cheeky)

Small bowls £22.50
Dimpled jug £15.50

Inject a touch of colour!

Penny Warren's jewellery holds an array of vibrant colours, and it's all down to the clever making process...

"The jewellery is made from anodised aluminium combined with silver. Pre- anodised sheets of aluminium are dyed freehand and the colours diluted to achieve a watercolour effect giving them more depth and subtlety. When the sheet is dry, it is boiled to seal the colour permanently into the surface. Once this is done the sheet is ready to be cut up into jewellery. The pieces are milled to add a texture to the surface, shaped, and the edges are polished. The aluminium is then combined with silver either by riveting or using folding techniques."

 Necklaces £31
Grey necklace (far right) £41
Studs £24.50
Cufflinks £44

Rachel Darbourne

Colourful and innovative jewellery by Rachel Darbourne, made using recycled polythene and silver. We have lovely necklaces (shown below) bracelets, studs and dangly earrings too!

Small Daisy necklace £38

Have a look at her beautiful website for more info :)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Nigel Lambert

After studying ceramics in Cornwall and working as a potter in Devon, Nigel Lambert now has a studio in Gloucestershire.
He uses throwing and press moulding techniques with earthenware clay and applies cobalt glazes for decoration using brushes and his fingers!

Jugs £45
Creamer (middle) £24.50

Handmade ceramic jewellery...

Glazed ceramic jewellery by Lok Ming Fung... have a look at Lok's page (on the right) for more information about her work and inspirations!

Oohhh necklace £39

Oohhh earrings £18
Oohhh Brooch £30

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Beautiful bottoms up!

Andrew Sanders & David Wallace are glassmakers who share a small workshop based at King Street Workshops in Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire. They first met whilst studying at North Staffordshire Polytechnic and, after graduating in 1977, have shared a workshop ever since!

Left: Tall Angram Drinking Glass by Andrew Sanders £28
"I find endless inspiration in studying pieces of glass from history, the 18th Century English glasshouses in particular, when the qualities of lead glass was creating new and exciting design possibilities. It is these qualities that I try to capture in my work."

Right: Malham Drinking Glass by David Wallace £24
"I am primarily concerned with form and the use of colour solely to enhance and delineate the objects as they are created. I hope to emphasise the spontaneous qualities of the molten glass, whether it be an obvious external feature or a more hidden element within the glass itself. Ultimately I try to capture the moment in time when the glass turns from a liquid form to a solid mass."

Have a look at their website for more info...

Friday, 19 October 2012

treasures and trinkets!

Alys Powers' jewellery is made from salvedged 'treasures and trinkets'... have a look at the reinvented wonders at

Full Moon necklace £77

Button & Black necklace £55

Wonderful jewellery by Anna Faine

  "The wonderful nonsense of life informs my jewellery designs.... Miniature stories, curiosities, eccentricities, handmade to maintain their complete uniqueness for each wearer."

Necklaces from left to right:
Drink Me pendant £172
Dream pendant £139
Wonderland pendant £40

Tea Party earrings £31

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Beautiful silk scarves by Lesley Lister

These soft silk chiffon scarves are hand printed by Lesley Lister. Each measuring 180 x 30cm, they provide a touch of affordable luxury for £42!

A little gem for your little gems.

Made by Lok Ming Fung, these circular ceramic boxes contain hidden trays, so precisly crafted they are exquisite!

large in blue £140
medium in green £100
small in cream £69

Denise Moloney

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Denise Moloney creates beautiful designs on ceramic, such as the plate pictured below which is taken from the Wonderland Collection.

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

We've had a makeover...

...and we're all wrapped up for winter! :)
It's been a busy week here. Having redecorated the shop, it's now filled with lots of lovely new treats for you to come and see...

Sean Miller Ceramics

Handmade and decorated using a soft blue glaze brushed onto a honey coloured base. These earthenware mugs and bowls are scrumptious, perfect for a breakfast cuppa tea!
Mug £20.40
Bowl £24.50

Glass by Wayne Stevens

The translucency of colour and soft textured finish  of these tall glass vases, gives an ethereal quality which is testiment to the skill of Wayne Stevens. We also have in stock some of the Halo range... have a look at
Noble Vase £286

Friday, 5 October 2012

One show-stopping teapot.

 By Stanley Field, priced £165.

Additions to the family!

We love our Julie Arkell brooches, and we know you do too!
She'll be running a workshop with Hope & Elvis here next April, which has sold out already! For more information on Hope & Elvis see

Selvedge Winter Fair

If you enjoy the Harley Arts and Food Market, you'll probably like the Selvedge Winter Fair, which will offer visitors 100 stands with a carefully curated mix of antique textiles, talented designer makers and beautiful haberdashery... And with gorgeous graphics like this, how can we resist?!

Exhibitors include Selvedge’s long standing favourites Julie Arkell, Tamara Fogel, Abigail Brown, Maiko Dawson and Åsa Pärson Textiles fromSweden.We are also delighted to introduce – new to the Selvedge Fair – The Marston House from Maine, USA, John Gillow and Jane Sacchi Antique Linens.

Winter Fair, Saturday 10 November 2012 at Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Road, London, SW3 5EE. Open to the public from 10am-4pm. Entrance £5.

Adam Frew ceramics

Adam Frew's ceramics have a playful, dynamic and exploratory edge. He makes each individually by throwning white porcelain on a potters wheel and decorates with free-flowing pattern, drawing and scribing into the clay before glazing and firing.

from left to right:
Butter dish £50, medium lidded jar £66, tall lidded jar £85, small lidded jar £45.

Adam has a great website documenting his work and the making processes involved, so take a peak at